Loving The Imperfect Family Portrait

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

– Colossians 3:14

With the holidays literally right around the corner the topic of “the family” has been on my mind.  I remember as a kid that the only thing I thought about on Thanksgiving was food and on Christmas was presents.  As I have gotten older I have come to realize that spending time with your family and being grateful of the gift of Jesus is what the holidays are really all about.

Now that being said,  family can be very difficult, especially around the holidays.  Honestly, for the past few years the holidays have made me sort of sad.  I am just going to be honest about something right now…my family and my husband’s family cannot and will not get along with one another.  I am not blaming one party or the other, but this is the situation I live in.  On a day-to-day basis this is not too much of an issue, but when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and special events, you almost have to brace for impact.  Not to mention other family dynamics that come into play, such as my siblings extended families too.  Now don’t get me wrong, our families love us very much, but it is just two different ways of thinking and just plain old stubbornness that get in the way of the “happy family” portrait that I want so desperately to have.

However, I know that I am partially to blame…

I know that deep down in my heart I have not truly always extended Jesus’ love to both mine and Ethan’s family.  I have been angry, bitter, and just downright selfish in the past.  I know that I have not led by example.  I have bought into the idea that holidays are about “me me me” and what makes me comfortable and happy, rather than putting aside selfish habits and having a heart for those that are closest to me.

Today I have decided that this is to be no more…

I refuse to allow my son to be raised in a home that he dreads holidays

I refuse to make my husband feel like he must choose between his birth family and the one he has created

I refuse to let selfish desires rule my home and let the enemy get a foothold

I know that I cannot help the path that others around me choose to take, but I can choose the path that I take…

I can choose to love the imperfect family that God has chosen for me.

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!



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